Dylan Henry

The Isshinryu Karate Network

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Hello, my name is Dylan Henry. This my senior project, the Isshinryu Karate Network. I have been practicing karate for over 15 years and look, quarantine has been tough on everyone, and I miss my friends. So I made this project as a way to talk about karate topics while also adding a fun element to it. In this YouTube series, I tried to talk about the founders, such as some cool stories about them and what they bring to our style of karate. I would compliment these stories with footage sent in on katas and other topics my friends want to talk about. I wanted to make a series that allowed people who wanted to get into Isshinryu to have a series to start learning from while also giving more experienced students to see these topics while also seeing people they haven’t seen in a while. It has been a journey making this series and I’d say I've learned a lot making this series and I am quite happy with how it has shaped over the course of 3 months. Anyway go check it out and I hope you enjoy what we came up with and stick around for what we plan to do next.