Sophia Cohen

August Music Video

Project Site

My project is a music video that combines the use of animation and real footage. My intentions in making this were getting to learn more about animation, while also enjoying things I really love in editing and music. Earlier in the semester, I was working on just making an animation of a landscape growing, and writing piano music for it. As the weeks went on, I felt like there was not enough purpose in what I was portraying. Out of that dissatisfaction, I took the landscape animation and made it part of this music video, blended with footage I shot. Now the prime focus became creating imagery that properly flowed and complimented the music, in order to create a cohesive story.

The video you will be seeing is meant to personify the feelings and story of the music. I interpreted the song to be a fun and freeing representation of summer. This freedom is contrasted against the limitations of time, but there is a coming to peace with that and finding joy within that. The animation part is meant to be like slipping into that dream-like element of what is being experienced in the song. In terms of footage, I tried to include these relaxed and loose shots that were bright and matched the tone. There is a 2nd version of the video using a cover I made of the song to avoid copyright issues.