Xiaoya Gao


Project Site

Plantree is an app that combines the reading management function and the visualization of personal reading achievement. The users will be able to document what they read and what they plan to read in the app and their achievements on reading will be visualized by the trees. Each genre of books they read will be visualized as a tree in the user’s forest. The trees will change to a higher stage and change their appearance with the accumulation of books one has read. A clear vision of their knowledge will give users a clear view of what they have and where they can develop. Planting a tree in the app will enforce users’ sense of achievement and encourage them to actively enrich their knowledge. The app uses a style of pixel art which makes it more game-like compared to a traditional reading plan app. The interface is not all straight lines but includes curved graphics as status bar and the font is also pixel font which is coherent to the throughout style.