Grant Ng

Personify: An Individualized Experience For Dental Patients That Feel Anxiety

Project Site

My thesis revolves around the field of combining live 3D animation techniques, virtual production, and storytelling with therapeutic principles and coping strategies for reducing anxiety in patients. There are two parts for this project. One is a website where dental patients can go to see videos to help them feel relaxed and calmer. Second is the process of using facial tracking for creating live 3D animation. The videos and website represent the implementation of using live 3D animation techniques and applying it to help create a stronger connection between doctors and their patients. The website is part of NYU’s Oral Center for People with Disabilities and IDM. The website is a prototype version for using an application that will help patients who feel anxiety. The 3D videos for children, represent a test of applying live 3D animation to an avatar that can engage with the anxious child in a safe manner. This project intended to engage with an anxious child before they enter the dental room. This website is meant for the patient to use and learn more about the experience of the dental visit. Another part of this project is to highlight the use of live 3D animation for the dentist. My prototype is meant to demonstrate the fast turnaround time for creating simple animations remotely while using their smartphone.


Demo Video