Jude Zhu

VeRy Talk Show

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"VeRy" is a talk show that features people who use the digital world to embrace themselves, cope with real-life situations, voice up for social justice, and build up a supportive online community. Each episode has a theme to explore and invite the interviewees to have a deep conversation with the host while doing digital activities, such as playing games. The conversation is audio recorded like a podcast, and the digital activities are screen recorded like a live stream.

The conversation matters, for the conversation is the medium of the story, not the virtual spaces. The episode is not a summary of their story, but a story being told inside a specific virtual environment for a reason.

I hope the process of making these pilot episodes and the feedback and results from my prototype can be a case study that can help other storytellers who are looking to produce content in a virtual environment. I argue that in the future of storytelling, the experience for audiences should be more immersive and interactive other than just sitting and watching; the recording and editing should be more about relating the space to the story, rather than cropping the frame and limiting the story inside the screen; the creators should be thinking more like a curator rather than just a filmmaker or game developer.