Samantha Skinner

Yellow Pearls Zine Series: Self-healing, Rage, and Community Care for Asian American Femmes

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Yellow Pearls is a zine series for Asian American femmes to heal, channel rage, and work towards community care. This project uses research, cathartic activities, and insightful interviews with Asian Femmes working in activism and culturally informed healing modalities to shift the conversations around mental health in the Asian American community. Yellow Pearls will be available both digitally and printed as a limited run, with QR codes that lead to digital assets like interviews and guided activities.

With high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, coupled with low rates of seeking help, Asian American women and femmes struggle disproportionately with mental health. There is a need to understand the intersection of injustices that Asian American women and femmes experience and how these dynamics impact mental health. It is worth examining the systems that influence this dangerous mental health outcome and approaches to change.

This project does not claim or attempt to solve all problems but to be a radical and loving entry point to a larger conversation. The beauty of identifying Asian femmes in this way is to understand that our health is inextricably tied to the mental health of all people. This is not about seeing the way we’re all the same. It’s about realizing that we’re all connected.