IDM 2022


Graduate Thesis projects

Undergrad Senior projects


May 10 - 12
5PM - 8PM
IDM SHOWCASE AT 370 Jay Street

Our in person showcase returns on campus!

May 10: highlights undergraduate and graduate work from our Documentary Cinema, Designing Other Worlds, Fabrication Studio, and Ideation & Prototyping courses among others.

May 11: features our Senior Projects from undergraduate seniors, with projects ranging from video, design, interactive installation, to games.

May 12: we celebrate our Master's Thesis projects — design interventions, VR and AR experiments, artworks, and all forms of media will be on display.

About IDM

The Integrated Design & Media Program (previously known as the Integrated Digital Media program) is a place that fosters creative practice, design research and multidisciplinary experimentation with emerging media technologies. IDM is a ‘STEAM‘ program combining artistic inquiry with scientific research and technological practice to explore the social, cultural and ethical potentials of emerging technologies. We focus on how to create new experiences with technologies but also on what is worth making and why.

In our academic programs, digital media is explored as a spectrum of practices that range from computer programming (for app development, software engineering, game development and interaction design) to 2D and 3D graphics (for human-computer interfaces, augmented reality, motion capture, and game design & development) to photography, film, and audio (for media installations, performing arts research, and integration with various mediums). Our students are artists, designers, and creative technologists working in highly fluid industries that reward the creative, the thoughtful, the technical, and the innovative.